Common Concerns About Fallen Arches

Foot problems are an extremely common and disruptive issue that many people will find themselves battling at some point or another. While an experienced podiatrist will be able to help remedy these problems, patients will often lack the information necessary to realize that they need to seek treatment for their foot issue. This may be particularly common with individuals suffering from fallen arches.

Do Individuals Have To Be Born With Fallen Arches?

Fallen arches is considered a condition that a person may be born with. While some people will have the unfortunate experience of being born with this problem, there are any people that may develop this condition as they age. Often, this can occur due to damage occurring to the tendons and ligaments in the foot. Interestingly, individuals can suffer this damage from repetitive stress injuries from standing or walking for long periods while wearing shoes that do not adequately support the feet.

What Are The Symptoms Of Fallen Arches?

Individuals that suffer from fallen arches will likely experience a range of symptoms that may not alway seem like they are related to the feet. For example, it can be common for individuals to experience significant back pain as their fallen arches may force them to adjust their posture. More obvious symptoms of fallen arches will be swelling in the feet and ankles, intense pain after standing for relatively short periods of time and the arches may be visibly flat.

How Are Fallen Arches Treated?

If you were born with fallen arches or developed the as you age, there are treatments that can help to lessen the severity of this problem. When the damage to the foot arch is relatively mild, wearing orthotics, taking anti-inflammatory medications and minimizing strain on the foot can greatly reduce the severity of the symptoms as well as stopping the problem from worsening. Individuals with severe damage to their arch may require surgery to repair the damage. Your podiatrist will only be able to determine the appropriate treatment once the damage to the foot has been thoroughly evaluated.

Fallen arches can be extremely painful, and they can greatly reduce the range of activities that you can do. If you are suspecting that you are suffering from fallen arches, you should be mindful of the causes and symptoms of this problem along with the possible treatments that can be used to help correct the damage to your foot. Having this information should contribute to you being better able to minimize the impact that your fallen arches have on your life. For more information contact a company like Advanced Foot Clinic.

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