3 Ways To Relieve Foot Pain When Your Job Requires You To Stand

Foot pain is a common problem for many of those who must spend most of their at-work hours standing or walking. Performing strengthening exercises and employing specific foot care measures, such as vigorous massage and refreshing foot soaks, at the end of each work day can be helpful in reducing discomfort on a temporary basis. 

While helpful, finding more permanent relief is critical to being able to continue working in the same type job. If you spend long hours on your feet each day and would like to find a proactive way relieve the foot pain and discomfort, here are three options to consider. 

Invest in supportive hosiery and footwear

Healthy feet should not hurt simply because of standing or walking for 8 hours every day. In many cases, foot pain and discomfort can be markedly improved by taking steps to improve circulation and support of the foot and leg. 

Wearing special support socks or hosiery that help to prevent swelling in the lower legs and feet can be helpful, as well as investing in shoes that fit well and offer improved support. When choosing shoes, look for those that have a roomy, squared toe instead of a sharper point. A wide heel that is only slightly elevated, along with a comfortably padded, contoured insole with good arch support, is a good choice to consider. 

Use a small bench in work areas for food elevation when standing

Another helpful tip for relieving foot pain when performing a standing job is to bring a small portable stool or step to work and place it where you typically spend long stretches of your day in a standing position, such as a sales counter. When standing, put one foot at a time on the stool, alternating them often throughout the day. Doing this forces the body's weight to be redistributed and helps to relax and de-stress the lifted foot.  To get even more relief, make it a habit to stretch and rotate each foot to rev up circulation before placing it on the stool. 

Rule out health issues that could be causing the problem

Some health issues can be responsible for sore or aching feet, including diabetes, conditions that affect the bones and muscles of the foot, such as fasciitis, and bone spurs. People who find that they are experiencing frequent or prolonged foot pain and discomfort that is not relieved by rest and supportive footwear should consider seeing a foot doctor to determine the cause and find an appropriate solution. 

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