3 Reasons to See a Foot Specialist

You're on your feet all day long, throughout your entire life, and throughout this time, you're going to experience an issue or two with your feet. A foot specialist can help out in a number of ways, for all types of foot issues. If you are experiencing an issue with your feet, but you aren't' sure if you should see a specialist, read on for a few reasons why you should.

1. You Think You Sprained Your Ankle

If you stepped wrong, tripped, or fell, and your ankle is swollen or bruised, there's a good chance you have an ankle sprain. There's also a good chance that it could be broken. If you aren't sure which, it's best to seek help from a podiatrist to have an ankle X-ray and your foot inspected to be sure. If you wrap your ankle yourself and continue to walk or put weight on your ankle, and it's broken, it may not heal properly and you could end up with future issues. If it is in fact a sprain, a foot specialist can also offer you tips on how to protect your ankle from future injuries or sprains, and how to strengthen your ankle.

2. You Think You Have a Foot Fungus

If your feet burn, if they are peeling, if they feel almost painful, you could have a foot fungus. You could have athlete's foot, which if not treated, could be very painful, not to mention that your peeling feet could also be unsightly. If you suspect you have a foot fungus, whether it's in your toenails, or on the skin, you should seek help from the podiatrist to be sure this is what it is so you can address it properly. 

3. You Think You Have an Ingrown Toenail

If you have pain in the side of your toe, next to the nail, it could be due to an ingrown toenail. You may also have pus, redness, or swelling, in addition to the pain. If you have pain in the toe like this, you should visit the podiatrist to be diagnosed properly and to have it treated properly as well. This needs to be treated by the podiatrist, and shouldn't be treated on your own, or you could end up with an infection.

These are just a few of the more common foot issues you may experience, which should be treated by a foot specialist. If you are experiencing these or any other foot issues, don't self-diagnose or treat yourself—make an appointment with a podiatrist.

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