Foot Concerns That Should Send You To The Podiatrist

Your feet should not be anything to mess with. They take you everywhere you want to go, but as soon as you have a foot issue or concern, it's felt immediately because of how much you rely on your feet. If you have foot issues, you shouldn't wait to have them diagnosed and treated properly. Read on for a few foot concerns that should send you to the podiatrist for treatment.

Heel Pain

Pain in the heel can be a few different issues, but it is more than likely caused by a calcium buildup in the foot that is called heel spurs. If you have heel spurs, it may feel like needles stabbing your foot as you walk. Your heels may feel like they are burning as you move, and even after you rest, they feel like they are burning. Heel spurs can sometimes go away on their own, or you may need to change the type of shoes you wear, but in other times, you may need surgery in order to completely get rid of the heel spurs.

Toe Pain

A pain in the toe may be a few things, such as an ingrown toenail. You want to be sure you are clipping your nails straight across and not at an angle, as this is when ingrown toenails occur. If you are trying to dig out your ingrown toenail with the nail clippers, you could leave your toe injured and open it up to infection if it doesn't heal correctly. If you have ingrown toenails, you should have them treated by the podiatrist.

Arch Pain

Pain in the arch of your foot can leave you limping and not able to walk very well. A pain in the arch can be caused by having too high of arches or your arches may be falling and they aren't getting the right support. Arch pain can sometimes be treated with wearing more supportive shoes and wearing arch support, but if you have too high of arches, you may need to have surgery or your arches may need to be punctured in order to stretch them. 

If you have any of these foot concerns, you should go to the podiatrist for a diagnosis and for treatment options. Don't risk your foot issue worsening further, and risk the need for surgery. Make an appointment today with a foot doctor and have your foot treated.

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